We embed the Transition?

Previously the world had to deal with the Not-Knowing.
Now she needs to deal with the Do-Knowing.
The reality has changed.

We embed the Transition
Means we DO contribute to the free existence of our fellow human.

We have done our inner work already and are powerful free Spirits, but not freed financially from the tyranny.

And we KNOW it is this what is the Transition all about: the Transition is not ABOUT money but goes VIA money.

The transition is all about our organic living together.

Its impossible to make decisions together about what we want or do not want when only one human is pushed out of the equation / there is a discussion about the free Existence about only 1 human being.

Making decisions from 'a height' what is allowed to exist and what not... is not from the 'new earth' / from a natural organic living together on Earth.

Only from equity and equality we can decide together what we in crowd power let come into existence and what not... only when nobody's free Existence is discussed. So not the free Existence of 'poor' human and also not the free Existence of a 'rich' one: we do not cause division anymore.

So first we need to say 'yes' to the free Existence of WHOLE humanity. Existence Money.

From that Zero Point much will dissolve by itself or has to transform. And 'by itself' much will unfold what could not unfold before because of the gatekeepers. And from the That point we will see, together / in crowd power, what needs to be done... from the situation in which we are all truly equal.

We Walk Our Talk
We take ownership and stop causing poverty and the current collective problems

Imagine the world where we live in
We have analyzed the corrupt governments, the corrupt organizations, the bank system, the taxation, the corrupt police, the military... all really all is unraveled already... there is no ignorance out there anymore... when you are ignorant: that's free choice.

Now we ARE aware of this all and we still live IN this corrupted world. But we do not want the corruption... rather... we do not CHOOSE to feed this corruption any longer because we KNOW... from inner knowing / experience... this corruption is not ours / is not from our Being.

Most solutions which are created are still IN the corrupt system.

Imagine the world... the whole world... within this world a group of humans is becoming more aware of the huge corruption
The analyzing is done... that's totally done... we are already moved beyond the analyzing... so the group of humans who are becoming more aware of the corruption / the matrix / overlay's / co-option is growing WITHIN the image of the whole world.

So imagine the whole world as a circle... within this circle another circle is becoming and is growing... but is still WITHIN the corrupted world: there is NO transition IN this group. When we talk about the current financial system LETS is an example of a solution within the 'old', within the current financial system. Also 'free energy devices' are a solution within the 'old' because huge amount of 'old' money flows to a project... but it should flow to peoples Free Existence and FREEDOM from the financial tyranny (humans ARE Free Energy ALREADY: from TRUE FREEDOM 'new' technologies comes into existence: HUMANS FIRST and start with the YOUNGSTERS (18-28), not projects!

Now imagine the whole corrupted world and the group awakened ones WITHIN this world... and a totally new circle without the corruptions, the banks, the government, taxation, ruling over, powering over, steering, pyramid structures, identification as we know them, boarders as we know them, the overlay's, the co-options, etc.
Few of the totally awakened ones, who deeply KNOW who they ARE. have 'moved' beyond the corrupted world into this 'new fresh circle' and are co-creating and building a totally 'organic earth' which is already here and is lived already... by very few... so this 'organic earth' is not growing...

The 'movement' to the organic earth IS the transition. But this is not an outer 'movement': this 'movement' is an inner one, you are 'moving' inner.

And the transition is: contributing to the free existence of your fellow man by which your fellow human is freed from the financial tyranny as well.
NOW we can talk about a totally Free Spirit.
This 'movement' are we and is IN us. Being part of this 'movement' is a totally free choice from inner longing to live and flow together in a totally freed world. So this 'movement' comes from within: and when you do not feel from your inner you want to 'move on and move beyond' that's ok: there is no pull or push in this invitation / can not be... otherwise the old will be dragged into the organic earth.

Contribution to the free existence of our fellow man has nothing to do with donation, also not giving away your surplus, though when you have nothing yourself you can not make this gesture (which does not mean you would not want to make it)...

This is TRUE compassion, because only 1 child suffering is 1 too many for those who come from the inner Space of TRUE compassion. So many are talking about compassion, but do not Walk their Talk. There is no innocence anymore because the new area, from the Real Zero Point, is enclosed totally (for some years already).
There is a huge availability of 'old' money.

Our need and the need of Mother Earth 
What Mother Earth and we ourselves do need is a natural living together from Source Consciousness, from Essence. We are not in need of an idea, nor a plan, but a place where all can thrive on this planet. We are in deep need to live together in peace and heart to heart connection including each other with no agenda's attached. Even no stories about each other attached. Nothing... of all this... Absolutely no divisiveness.

I am very committed to a natural living togetherness, because She is the organic living togetherness on Earth from Source Essence. I am and will be a staunch supporter of the earth and her organic life. any thing less. Not that many are coming from that place. I am a beholder of that Space (and with me some others are too). That's why I see when people are not coming from that space. I am at peace. And I long to meet you at the other side of the bridge: I am there... Waiting... For a true Living Together on Earth...

Embedding Each Other and the I-in-We Consciousness from Source Consciousness


Freeing our mind from the matrix is one thing. We are able to free ourselves from the matrix on so many levels and become a free Spirit. Via grounding and centering, breathing, body 'shaking', healthy food, mindfulness, and all other kind of healing tools which are helpful for your inner journey.

Still we are confronted with the matrix outside ourselves.

The deepest level of our healing path on Earth is to simply live together on Earth as Humans in communion with Earth: and we can DO live that way today: free Spirits will DO so.

So are we ready... is a 'group of humans' ready to simply live together on Earth and to do the effort in this area too


A Non-Banking Facilitation Platform 
We had created a Non Banking Facilitation Platform. Which was all crowd power... so no banks involved... The Facilitation Platform was a non-bank: so no expensive bank license needed, just a Facilitation Platform.

In the moment of exchange you created your own economical value / Existence Money... I try to make this 'visible' for you.

Imagine... you go to the baker and want to pay your baker... IN the moment of exchange the money numbers needed to pay your baker are created... So you do not need to work first or exchange something first to pull the money numbers into your account. You create the numbers IN the moment of the exchange. Up to what you need on a monthly basis... In the Netherlands you can get your basic needs met for euro 1000,00 a month... so you could create 1000,00 on a monthly basis. This is Existence Money.

The transition is to contribute to the free exsitence of your fellow human by transferring euro (USD or whatever currency). To a max... let's say euro 1000,00... This is the transition.

When people truly make this choice... we can facilitate the transition by creating another Non Banking Facilitation Platform which we could call Market Place or whatever... Or the Community Exchange System can include Existence Money in their Platform. Or any other Facilitation Platform can do so and include the wonderful functionalities the Non-Banking Facilitation Platform offered.

Then people can buy euro, USD (or whatever) with the Existence Money and this is an equal exchange. The one who sells euro, USD, etc. is receiving 'numbers'. You will do this when you feel value in valuing the free existence of your fellow human. 

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