Non Banking Platform

Non Banking Facilitation Platform New Existence Money
In het e-boek 'Als de regering ineens oplost' vind je de Nederlandse beschrijving van de functionaliteiten die beschikbaar waren in Equi Place.
(Onderstaand vind je ze in het Engels.)

I wish my fellow humans could create their own 'New Existence Money' by which they can create enough money numbers to get their basic needs met including free access to Healthcare.

I wish my fellow humans could pay me for my services with New Currency from their own created 'New Existence Money'.

That's why I would like to co-create a Non Banking Facilitation Platform which could make this possible: a Platform with the functionalities the Money Place Non Banking Platform had (see the overview below).

It could be a totally new Platform or the facilities could be programmed in PayPal for example: PayPal could create the iXistence App (please understand that the current PayPal facilities are all offered by a bank, i.e. ING: so I would prefer a totally new Platform... an open source crowd power creation).

Non Banking Facilitation Platform 

When you study this document you have an immediate discernment in what embedding the Transition means. Also you have an immediate discernment in what money is and should do: a crowd power facility that facilitates our normal living on Earth and 'money' are just numbers in a spreadsheet and costs nothing. So now you know if an Money Exchange environment is offering you Existence Money or not.
We people are the economical value and the existence economy is already here, was here always, and will be here in the future: there is no economical crisis
A Non Banking Platform 'creates' Existence Money and facilitate society in the transactions she does among each other.
In this text you find a description of the functionalities that the a free available currency should have and what a Non Banking Platform should offer our living together.

To be able to decide for yourself whether you want to start to work with a certain currency, you need to know what choice is laid into the currency.
Existence Money works equivalent to our own Economical Value, the Economical Value of our Existence. So you can turn your own economical value into the currency (which is in the Netherlands for an adult approximately 1000 each month).
So Existence as Value is the choice that is laid into &. So Accepting someone’s currency works as Existence Money.
And then, when you know what currency you want to use, then you look which application facilitates this currency the best for you. For this you must know which functionalities the application offers.
Existence Money is the transformed form of money itself. A Non Banking Platform is the transformed form of: ‘The facilitation of the use of money’ Existence Money is not a currency ‘next’ to the euro (dollar) etc. Existence Money is the fully transformed form of money. So euro needs to start to work like that (or otherwise needs to dissolve).
And a Non Banking Platform is the fully transformed form of facilitating us in doing our transactions. All banks need to let their applications start to work like that (or otherwise they need to dissolve).
If you are doing research on a Non Banking Platform then you need to have already clear for yourself that you can only look from 2 perspectives at a Non Banking Platform (I call it Equi Place here and the Existence Money is called Equi):
  1. ‘I am not going to work with a new currency, so I will not work with Equi, so the only reason that I am researching Equi Place, is to see how free and easy everything becomes when we really facilitate society in doing her exchanges and transactions in all kinds of payment processes. The only reason I am researching Equi Place is to see how the Euro-spreadsheet or all kinds of Local Exchange currencies can implement these functionalities also.’ So then the currency Equi does not matter to you, only Equi Place as application is the matter to you. That’s fine.
  2. ‘I have already decided for myself that I will use a new currency and it needs to be working as Existence Money. And between all the applications on earth that really facilitate Existence Money, I am doing research which of them functionally works the best in my opinion.. So, if Equi Place is the only application on earth that facilitates Existence Money, then automatically she works the best, even if I would miss some useful things in it .’
The choice that came in advance to the 2nd perspective, is the choice to start to work with Existence Money and the choice to work with a new currency for that, like for example with &. So this is a choice you need to have clear for yourself, in advance to option 2..The Equi Place application will not make this choice clear to you, because this choice itself is not an ‘application’- choice, but a transition choice. This choice takes place in yourself.
Equi Place, 2015 In this text Equi Place is described in the way she was in 2015 (of course there have been prior versions since we started to build her in 2007). In the text here under you will find referring us to the past as well as to the present. This is to point out that yes the application Equi Place is dissolved but that all the awareness she has brought is not, that is still here as you will see, and that it also still is true that all other currency applications on earth already could have worked this way too. The truth remains that the functionalities that are shown here are simply very facilitating functionalities. So that’s why you find a time-mixture here in the text.
Equi Place facilitated Equi-Existence Money so with that she facilitated our own choice to accept each other’s Existence Money. And not only facilitated Equi Place Existence Money, .She also full hearted facilitated the use of money among each other: she offered loads of functionality to be all able to implement ourselves all kind of payment processes in society or in an organisation.
For the use of all the functionalities in Equi Place we did not need to ‘take people along first’ because for doing a transfer it is the same principle as we already all know from our euro-banking applications: 1 you have an account, 2 you log in to it, 3, you do a transfer, done. After doing a first transfer you can on your own pace try all the functionalities one by one and this off course you can do with your own environment together. For this you could also create ‘try-out accounts’ together, and remove them again afterwards. These are the examples of easiness that automatically are available simply because of the fact that the use of Equi Place is fully done by the crowd itself. So, ‘you’re just doing your thing’. … .There is no in-between anymore. This creates a gigantic opening in experiencing how easy you then see new possibilities and apps. This was formerly stuck, retained by the limited self awareness of people in government, at the banks, economic analysts, ICT people. And now this is all made open, already years ago : Equi Place could be used by everyone, also as pure ‘exercise and a new experience’.
So, Equi Place was offering you an experience that banks refuse. So even if you did not want to work with the currency Equi, then still you could fully use Equi Place and experience all the functionality and then step out again. By this you got more discernment on how horrible small and confined the thinking was of the so-called “big and complex and important world’ of governments and banks. In this, Equi Place was one huge juicy experience.
So a lot of the functionality in Equi Place was quite different then we are used to with the banking applications that the old banks are offering us. Actually the functions within Equi Place worked fully on crowd power and were really facilitating us.
It was for and by the crowd; our own money, literally our Own Value.
Equi Place could be used by everyone on earth (also mobile) and with every transfer you received you received immediately an email alert of it. By this Equi Place offered a total experience of ‘being connected’. There is in not anyway an in-between person or process anymore. It was the direct living together and exchanging together.
For the choice to receive an email alert or not you could tick several options at you accounts by which you implemented your payment processes (for example for selling tickets, or for a company administration, or for crowd power loans, or payment points (tills) etc. ).This way your payment processes don’t result anymore in 3 tracks: the payment process itself, the extra process design and the administrative processes for insight in your money flows. It all became the one and same process: ‘implementing your own payment process by ticking the options at your different accounts. (Which you off course won’t use as a possibility if it is not any use to you).
Existence Money Existence Money consists of a Life Access amount and a Health Access amount. In 2015 the Life Access amount in Equi Place was default &1000 per month and the Healthcare Access default was &1250 per year. Everyone could then personalize this, depending on which region you live in, or where you temporarily will go to (in the future this could have been done automatically by your mobile device).
The currency Equi is generated automatically by Equi Place when you do a transfer. When you still have a part of your monthly Life Access money (or yearly Health Access money) left, then Equi will be created and otherwise the transfer will be subtracted from your current balance. With every transfer Equi Place automatically let 1/1000 of the amount dissolve. This way the money we create will dissolve again by using it. Whether the rate of 1/1000 is the right dissolving rate, we will automatically find out by apply it together.
Equi Place owes her name to the fact that the money we ourselves create is fully equivalent to the value of our own existence and of our existence together, and of the suppleness of living together. So ‘Equivalent to ourselves’ not only refers to our economical value, but also to our own valuing a normal living together. If by example everyone refuses to accept your Equi-Existence Money, then no Equi will be created out of your existence. So her total amount that will go into circulation is equivalent to the value that society feels for a normal living together, the value she feels for accepting each others Equi currency. So the expression ‘Equi being equivalent to ourselves’ refers to the valuing in every layer of life and of living together. This means that as long as society still feels no value to a transition to normal living together, that she will not use Equi Place. And in this way indeed Equi Place has responded fully Equivalent: ‘Then I will dissolve’…. Her absence now is fully equivalent to the current inner state of society, the current choice of society.
A choice that is not made, does not need to be facilitated.
Ok… the functionalities
The different types of accounts that you can make With every account you can of course do the things you can also do with the accounts that you already work with (euro banking accounts etc.). Like transferring an amount directly or with a future date. Creating a periodical transfer. Deleting a planned transfer. Changing your password.
Furthermore an account is a functionality per se. Within Equi Place you could make an account to work as a specific ‘type’ by switching on/off all kind of options by which the account by itself handles all kind of special actions in a process. The different types of accounts are mentioned here under. You don’t need to ‘get lost’ in the multiplicity of it. The essence of it is that in real life you yourself know what you need, and thus you can really make your account work like that, because you can switch on options for it.
The different types of accounts
  • Main Account. Only by doing transactions with your main account, Equi will be created (if it is still possible that month or year). You don’t need to do anything for this creation, this goes automatically.
  • Transaction account: This works the same as a main account, but no Equi will be created.
  • Healthcare transaction account: A healthcare transaction account is created by a healthcare employee. These accounts are automatically shown on a public overview. With this we can see who refer to themselves as healthcare employees and we know their healthcare account number to pay to. We need to do our payments to the Healthcare transaction account, from our Main Account, because only from or Main Account Equi will be created. Otherwise the transfer will be subtracted from your current balance.
  • Anonymous account (not meant as ‘mysterious’). This type of account can be created freely. ‘Anonymous’ means that there is no name addressed to it. You can by example use it for company processes. Furthermore it works the same as a transaction account.
  • Administrative account: This is to leave your money there if you don’t want to do anything with it for the moment. By example for savings, or to let it work as a (by itself accumulating) administrative account in your organisational process. You can only do transfers between this administrative account and the account from which you made the administrative account. Then no 1/1000 will dissolve, because it does not concern an economical transfer, but an administrative one. This is also useful for implementing workflows in your organisation, because you can make use of the email alert that are send when doing a transfer.
  • Transparent accounts (with all kind of separate options to switch on): these are accounts of which the transfer are shown publicly. The creator of this account chooses for this transparently deliberately and the people who do transactions with it will be noticed that it is a transparent account. This kind of account you can by example apply when a payment leads to a certificate. Then the visible payment itself functions as the certificate. By example think about our driving licence: this is then replaced by the transparent payment. The Driving Licence Center asks a payment of you when you have passed your exams. And then the visibility of your payment is your licence. When the police asks you your driving licence, then they look at the transparent account. (And every question that now maybe arises with you, like: ‘But then you should also have this .. and that… and such’… Well, yes indeed you can all settle it by yourself in the account).
So, at all types of account you have all kinds of options to switch on or of.
Like for example:
  • an email alert with every transfer that you do
  • an email alert with every transfer that is done to you
  • an email alert when somebody has created a converse transfer for you (what a converse transfer is, you will read further along in this text)
  • adding your balance in the different email alerts or not
  • all kind of options to make clear that for certain accounts you only want to be able to receive or only want to be able to do converse transfers with it, etc.
At most of the account types you could option whether it concerns a personal account or not. If not, then it is used for a company or a group or a process. A yes- and a no-personal account work slightly different on different points.
At a non-personal account you can add 2 email addresses instead of 1. The first is the email address of the owner of the account. And the second is for the workflow at a transfer. If by example you change the password of the account, then an email alert will be send to the email address of the owner. If a transaction takes place then an email alert is send to the email address of the workflow. This way by example a shop owner can create a transaction account for each cash deck and add the (work)email address of the current cashier as the workflow email. At the cash deck then the customer can pay with a mobile device to the concerning transaction account (this can be scanned as a bar-code too of course). The cashier then immediately receives on his or her mobile the email alert of the transfer. With this, cash machines are replaced (practical at a public market place).
The other functions
Converse transfer A converse transfer is quite like a single collection, but now this can also be between 2 ‘private’ persons and there are no in-between authorization constructions needed. With a converse transfer within Equi Place you set up a payment of someone else to you. The other person then receives an email alert and the converse transfer appears in his or her overviews in Equi Place. There (s)he can accept the converse transfer at a moment of own choice. This is especially practical for crowd power payments. If by example 1000 people want to do a monthly Euro-transfer to you of 1 euro, and you want to pay them back for it with a monthly 1 Equi, then you would have to create 1000 separate monthly Equi transfers. But with the converse transfer, everybody who creates a monthly euro-transfer to you, then also creates in Equi Place a monthly converse transfer of 1 euro. Then you only need to accept these 1000 converse transfers. within Equi Place. Well…. that’s a lot less hassle then creating 1000 transfers. Also because this way you don’t need to know the account numbers of 1000 different people. They all only need to know yours.
An other example of a crowd power loan is a crowd debt-repayment of an old mortgage (meaning: a mortgage at a bank). If by example 5000 people transfer 10 euro to someone with a mortgage of 50.000 euro, then this person can repay the mortgage at the bank. Nice.. bey bey bank.. And then the 5000 people chose themselves whether they want euro back for the 10 euro, or Equi and they decide themselves whether they want interest on it or not (that agreement then is made in advance of course). The administration can then be like this example. Let’s say that
  • a) 3000 people say: I want Equi back for it, without interest
  • b) 1000 people say: I want Equi back for it, with 10% interest
  • c) 600 people say: I want Euro back for it, without interest
  • d) 400 people say: I want Euro back for it, with 10% interest
Then group a) and b) will after their euro-transfer also create within Equi Place a converse transfer for the Equi account of the loan-taker, with their own Equi amount (10 or 11 Equi). And the loan taker then will accept as much of them as (s)he can accept every time (s)he has enough Equi.
( For group c) and d) it goes totally via euro’s and that means that the administration will be outside Equi Place. For this the loan-taker can by example create a google-spreadsheet form (this is for free) in which group c) and d) then fill in themselves that they have transferred 10 euro to the loan-taker and how much they want back for it (10 or 11 euro). The spreadsheet form is transparent for all loan givers. Then every time the loan-taker pays a debt back to a loan-giver, the loan-giver removes its own part in the google spreadsheet. When the loan-giver does not do this and says he/she did not receive the loan back, well, then the loan-taker makes a print screen of the euro transfer back, and puts the print screen in the spreadsheet. ) Well… crowd power all over the place… …. no matter whether it is within Equi Place or not…
A pause in between… If you feel ‘overwhelmed’ by all the possibilities and maybe you think: ‘Jeeee, must I have to understand all these functions?’…. well then look at this:
What Equi Place did was: ‘Really facilitating everything we could possibly need or what would make stuff more simple for us.’ And even when it was about something outside Equi Place but we did see that there are already free means for it available, we would point out to that transparently too.
So everything you see here is in essence the same: ‘Wanting to facilitate each other and thus really doing so. And what in this all is experienced as useful or applicable, is personal for everyone. Everything you don’t experience as useful yo don’t need to apply.
Well, let’s go further to the other functionalities
Turn back a transfer For this, both parties need to check an ‘agree’-button. Then the transaction will be deleted. This process starts with one of the parties checking the delete-button. The other party then receives an email alert of this and can choose to agree the deletion or not.
Putting on hold / close / delete an account You put an account on hold if you want to avoid people doing any more transfers to it (by example if it is a temporary charity account). You close an account if you do not want to use it anymore but you do not want to remove the data. And you delete an account if you want all the data to be removed. In the overviews of other people with whom you ever did transactions your account name will then not be seen anymore, but: ‘This account is deleted’.
Inheritance distribution At every account (except for the administrative account), you can fill in 5 inheritors by adding their Equi account number and fill for each a percentage, together up to 100%. After death the inheritance will be distributed. The verification process for this was also implemented but that part is up to reinvent again by people who will develop a new application.
An inheritance distribution is only possible for accounts that are for personal us. A non-personal account is for a company or a group or a process, and thus there is no issue of inheritance.
By Existence Money, all taxes are dissolved. Because when money is needed somewhere, it will be simply be made available (for Life Access and Health Access). So neither there are taxes on heritages left. The heritage simply becomes an administration.
Options at ‘clearing old transfers’ Default monthly all transactions older then 6 months will be cleared by Equi Place (bur your balance remains of course). You can change this 6 month period into 1 up to 14 months.
All transactions of an account that will be deleted in 1 run, will go into a totalized record visible in your overviews. A transaction will only be cleaned if for both parties in the transaction the clearing month option is reached (if for the one party the cleaning period is set to 3 month and for the other party at 4 month, then it will be cleaned at 4 months. A transaction will not be cleaned when it concerns a loan that is not relieved more then 3 months ago.
Loan administration When you do a transfer you can add a loan-code. With this both parties can have an overview of the transfer of the loan as well as of all the repayments.
When the loan is fully handled then both parties need to check the option’handled’ for the concerning loan-transactions. Then these transactions will be cleared earliest 3 months later in the clearing run as described before.
You notice that in essence a loan is something very simple, that it is just an administration, nothing more, nothing less. When someone wants a legal security for this loan, well then they arrange this themselves among each other. And pay this security themselves. There is no society that needs to pay for the legal security that people want for their own choice to work with huge amounts.
You notice that for loans we don’t in any way need banks. A loan is what we do among each other, and it is just a transfer and an administration. This all is arranged in ‘having an account’.
Personalizing the maximum of Life Access and Health Access At your Main Account you can change the defaults Equi Place has set for your monthly Life Access and for your yearly Health Access. So you can personalize this.
You can change the amounts, depending on the region where you live or where you go to for a while and other situations.
The personalizations of everyone are transparent within Equi Place. Actually this is the same information as the fact that we all know that in the Netherlands you need 1000 for Life Access, and in Poland 800(?). So when Equi Place would administrate all these region amounts, then we also know of each other the amounts. So if we let the crowd do it for themselves, then we know the same.
PS: for a lot of people the meaning of transparency is something to get used to. ‘Transparency’ is often associated with ‘public control’. But actually the essence of transparency works the other way round. The power of transparency is that no controls are needed anymore to be programmed / conducted. As government and banks from their origin benefited by in-transparency they themselves by this called for all kinds of control. By origin the things that governments/banks do with money ‘for society’ is not ‘facilitating society’ but ‘getting money out of society to themselves’. For this of course there was always a huge mist and haziness and thus by now everybody thinks that it all has a positive intention that in principle it ‘facilitates living together, but unfortunately some silly mistakes are in it and this only needs a bit optimization’. But from our SelfAwareness, from our Existence Money that costs nothing, from our Economical Value of our Existence, you see that it has always been theft of our economical value. This theft they don’t want to be transparent of course, and thus they legitimized it with lots of stories and on top of it then lots of control actions followed. Control actions that were never needed from the perspective of living together, they all were there to facilitate the suppressor.
Well that’s all released within Equi Place (it releases itself once you made the choice for really facilitating society). Equi Place shows indefinitely what change in experience you get compared to with the old.
Transparency is what you apply when she really works as a force by herself. ‘Compulsory transparency in your account balance’ has no positive meaning. So we don’t do that. But when you yourself see benefits in making a certain account of yours transparent, then you can really apply your account that way. There are two ways of transparency: one ‘inside’ Equi Place (so it is only to be seen for Equi Place users) and one ‘outside’ Equi Place (then it is visible to the whole world).
All that we want, when we experience it as useful ….
Overview within Equi Place
  • Personal: Of your transactions
  • Personal: Of your planned transfers
  • Personal: Of your planned converse transfers
  • Personal: Of your loans (with totals)
  • Personal: Or your account numbers
  • Personal:: Life Access overview (this functionality is described later in this text)
  • Shared: Total of created Equi for Life Access and Health Access
  • Shared: Not identified main accounts that created Equi
  • Shared: Personalized Life Access and Health Access amounts
  • Limited shared: Not public transparent accounts on a row that concern you (the owners of the accounts point out whether they are mend to be transparent or not). ‘Non public’ means that they are only visible within Equi Place and only for people who are part of the payment processes. It can by example be applied by a group. If you click on one of the accounts on the overview, you then find the transactions of the concerning transparent account.
Public overviews
  • Health transaction account: names and account number. With this you can see who positions him- or herself as a Healthcare worker and to which account number you can do payments to from your main account. Then the creation of Equi for Healthcare Access goes automatically. Now notice that by these 3 simple actions all health insurance companies are dissolved. The 3 actions are: ‘1. Letting money be available, which costs nothing. 2. Let Healthcare workers create their own healthcare transaction account within Equi Place so Equi Place will create Equi for it when a payment is done to it. 3. Equi Place shows a transparent overview with the Health transaction accounts.
  • Public transparent accounts: (the owners of the accounts point out whether they are mend to be public or not). ‘Public’ means that the whole world can see them. Then if you click on an account in the overview, you see the transfers of that public account.
  • Life access overviews (this functionality is described further down in the text)
Paying by object With the principle of ‘Paying by object’ you create an account for a certain object.
This is not as much as a separate functionality but an understanding how you can apply payments for certain crowd power processes. You just need to look a slightly different to all that is already available world wide. (The next is explained via the functionalities that worked in Equi Place, so from the fact that you can add email alerts to your accounts). A housing cooperation by example can for each house that they rent create a separate account to which the tenant needs to transfer the monthly rent. Because you only want an email alert if the rent is NOT transferred to it, you do this: by creating in this account a monthly transfer yourself, to transfer the rent monthly to a central account of the cooperation. As Equi Place every day settles the periodical transfers of that day, Equi Place will send an email alert if you can not transfer from this account to the central account, because the rent was not transferred by the tenant. And only then the cooperation needs to take action. Nice workflow that works on its own.
And in this same way we had developed in Equi Place even more examples of ‘paying by object’.
Think further… … The housing cooperation can by example create for every house also a gmail account, with email name: the address itself (name or zip code and number) @company. Then by the email alert you now right away which address it is about. This all we showed years ago already as an example and now we see this ‘by-object principle’ also being applied on other places: there is a community (I don’t know where anymore) that gives email addresses to all her trees and places it on a card nearby the tree. So if you see that there is something wrong with the tree, you can send that to the email address. And also if you are happy with the tree. All the emails are shown on an internet application.
Facilitating the transition choice that is made
If the euro starts to work as Existence Money, then we do not need Equi. If the euro starts to work as Existence Money, then total society goes into transition together and then nothing needs to be explained: because then you have your known euro banking account and you go to the bakery etc. Same as eve as far as ‘the payment surrounding’. Nothing needs to be explained.
At the moment you have decided not to wait on the refusing government and thus start to work with Equi-Existence Money, which is lying outside the euro-spreadsheet, then you need some specific functionalities that are specific for this transition, or at least make this process easier.
These transition functionalities thus are only useful to people who did choose already to step into the transition in their own lives as far as their use of currency. The explanation of these transition functionalities within Equi Place you need to read from that perspective. You need to stand in this inner position when you read them: ‘What if I did already choose to go into transition, then would these functionalities facilitate me then or not?’ So you can not reed them the other way round: ‘If I look at these functionalities, then works this as a seduction to me to go into transition too?’. From this (wrong) perspective you will not read what it says. Nothing in Equi Place is there to seduce you to what ever. The choice lies completely in yourself and lies BEFORE Equi Place. Equi Place only facilitates the choice itself. From that perspective you read the functionalities here.
  • Access to life. Earlier in this text we gave an example of a crowd power process: ‘1000 people doing a monthly 1 Euro transfer to you and ask a monthly 1 Equi back for it.’ This is the transition on Access to Life: we choose to free each other one by one via Euro(dollar etc.)-Existence Money that is withdrawn from us by government and society. So we choose 1 person in our midst ( ‘our midst’ means the persons who all do go into transition) to whom we monthly let go 1 or more euro, so that this person really has his or her free Access to life. And thus, as this person is alive in our midst no matter what, this person can ask for his or her talents any currency (s)he wants. The crowd power process of ‘Paying with Equi-Existence Money for Euro-Existence Money is facilitated with the converse transfer functionality. And in this you can chose as the ‘receiver’ of Life Access, to apply a specific code to these transfers so that the transfers with this specific code will be shown on a public overview and will be totalized. In this way others can see how much of your Life Access you already have So say that in your Life Access overview I see that in total you pay monthly 995 Equi-Existence Money to others, for which you receive Euro- Existence Money, then I can see that if I do a monthly transfer of 5 euro to you, your Life Access will be complete. So nobody needs to ask anything about it to you. Our overviews are public, so everybody can see to whom you want to let flow Euro-Existence Money monthly…. crowd power all over the place..
  • In crowd power swap together euro-mortgages into an Equi crowd loan. This is mentioned earlier in the text up above already. And what you can do for mortgages you can do for any other old loans too of course. This comes from the transitional choice not wanting to work with the banks anymore. And therefore you want to let your old loans at the old banks dissolve. Also because you know now that it are not loans at all, you are there just creating money for yourself, even tons and tons. By letting together dissolve the loans at banks one by one you then don’t pay interest anymore at that bank, and then maybe even for people a life insurance amount will come free. So this aware choice itself has nothing to do with Equi Place. But when people want to do a Equi-Euro swap with you as a new loan taker, then they can also set an Equi Converse transfer for you in Equi Place, for the Equi they want to receive back for the Euro they gave. You can accept the Equi converse transfer when you have enough Equi for it.
  • The earlier mentioned Life Access crowd power example is also specifically to be used by organisations like Novib. For the description of this I refer you to the text on the platform ‘We Accept the Child’s Existence (Money)‘ of Mascha Roedelof. There firstly the growing true urge and the inertness of governments is mentioned and after that the crowd power facilitation by Equi Place is shown (again: she can only facilitate a choice you really made). There you actually read the only true urge that is among us. There lies no human urge in people who are bothered by the fact that they pay interest. That people ‘don’t understand how the system works, or the bank world, or money’, is not the urgency either. On the contrary. The process of meanwhile still sacrificing people to the endless amounts of time that people have who have enough to stay alive anyhow, and by this luxury lean back in doing the one useless analyse after the other, ‘of that system outside them, instead of in themselves’… …IS the true urgency. Because meanwhile the ejection of people is still going on during the useless analyzing. While living together costs nothing.
  • Everywhere you just read ‘Novib’, there you can fill in any group that says that they are in any way pro humane life. Well, then walk your talk and start with freeing the first person in your (target)midst from the claws of all terrible inertness on earth. Let monthly Euro-Existence Money flow for which they can pay you with Equi-Existence Money. In this way the Equi currency comes into circulation: by the choice for unconditionally Existence in our midst. From Facebook-groups via charity organisations until companies that show off on their websites with these charity goals…. Free people out of the claws of the old. There lies the transition. Stop with thinking in terms of the huge ‘systemic stuff to be reached as if first total society must go into transition and until then, well.. bad luck for everyone who hereby is still ejected… … ‘. Not the total inertness of society deserves a great transition experience (that she herself refuses to each other), but the ejected person. The ejected person deserves the transition experience that suddenly there are people on earth who chose unconditionally for these ejected people, irrespective to the fact that the rest of the world still refuses this. Start at all with the first person and the second, and see how far humanitarian groups will come by this. Start with freeing someones life experience, life Access, there lies the richness what it’s all about and that will replicate itself. The experience for a person that suddenly PEOPLE start to live together with him or her and by this implicitly stand against the horrible inertness and incompetence of governments and banks. That suddenly NO government, NO structures, NO laws are put in front of the ejected person, that people all around the world start to live in a normal way directly with each other… no fake structures anymore as in-between among each other and then shouting ‘that those structures are making such a hassle’. ..Everybody on earth can directly accept the child’s Existence Money that they can create themselves in any Existence Money application.
Changing Equi into a gift voucher (or paper money) By transferring Equi to a certain Equi Place account you can print this amount as a gift voucher where a code is written on. This principle you can also apply of course to paper money if a certain environment wants to use paper currency. But via paper the automatic dissolving of 1/1000 at each transaction does not work, so this raises the question whether you would even want to use paper for it. It’s a question that does not need to be answered here.
Conversion Handshake functionality
If one day you would rather use an other application that also facilitates Existence Money, then within Equi Place you can go to your personal Handshake Page, to do the conversion on the part of Equi Place. There you need to fill in the email address of the functional administrator of the other application. Equi Place then totalizes everything and sends it in a standardizes email to the email addressed you filled in. Then Equi Place closes your account in Equi Place.
Things that are done automatically by Equi Place
  • Earlier created transfers with a date in the future are handled on the day they should be transferred. This process starts itself every day. In this process the check is also there whether Equi will be created or it will be subtracted form you balance. If someone has not enough for the transfer then the owner of the transferring account receives an email alert of this. With every daily run it will be tried again, until it succeeds or the owner has deleted the planned transfer. The daily operation of the planned transfers was done by a certain calculation rule so that every time someone logs into Equi Place a part of the total was handled. As the whole world logs in ‘together with the sun’, you can make sure this way that all the planned transfers are handled bit by bit during the day. So this way it is not one huge batch that is running.
  • Clearing: on the third of every month old transactions are cleared (via the month-options 1 to 14 that people have set for their accounts). The total that is cleared in 1 run is totalized in terms of balance and added in your overview. The transactions that are cleared you can still view during one month in an historic overview in Equi Place, so you can still download it if you want to. After that month they are really gone. Transactions of loans that are not relieved for longer then 3 months, are not cleared.
  • An email alert goes to the functional administrator of Equi Place when certain ranges are getting to their max. As it is not predictable how it all works world wide, the total workload, you can implement the fields and tables spacious enough, but also program an email alert for when it is in sight that it should expand.
Identification For the identification of a main account we applied the TIMAY principle, the This Is Me And You principle. This means that we as the crowd take care ourselves of our identification among each other. For this we can also use our former identification that also is trusted because it is done when we opened a personal euro-banking account (so by doing a transfer of 1 euro cent from that euro-account, you are identified)..
The Main Account is the only account for which you need an identification, because with that account you can create Equi. for the Economical Value of your existence.
All the payment traffic is fully free, no further identification is needed. Controlling or proving anything is not needed, because the principle of ‘taxing’ is dissolved by the principle of ‘money-creation on our Economical Value’. So… why would you then need to control anything in the exchange between free people? Tax fraud does not exist anymore…
The TIMAY principle can be implemented in different ways. By example:
  • When you create your Main Account you add a link to your internet page (by example your Facebook page). This link is visible for others within Equi Place. If you leave it to that and there is no further confirmation by others within Equi Place that it is really you that uses that name, then all your transfers by which you create Equi will be shown transparently within Equi Place (only the amount, not the receiver nor the description). With this everyone sees that you are not identified as a person yet. People who do know you personally will do transactions with you anyhow, because they know that it is you. Unknown will not do transactions with you, because you are not identified yet (not all your transactions will be shown, only the ones by which Equi is created).
  • If you do want to be identified within Equi Place, read: as a person that belongs to your Main Account, then you can transfer 1 euro cent from your euro account to the Equi Place euro account. This needs to be done from your personal euro account, with the same name as your personal Main Equi Account (thus it must be your own name). The euro cents are used to keep Equi Place on air.
  • Via this TIMAY principle everybody’s identified Equi Main account itself becomes the new worldwide personal identification that automatically will function as such in all kind of payment processes. An example was mentioned before: by paying with your main Equi account for your driving licence, the payment itself will be the licence.
  • When you only use a transaction account in Equi Place (and thus you use no Main account, read: you don’t create Equi) then you do not need to be identified.
With gratitude to all

When you study this document you have an immediate discernment in what embedding the Transition means. Also you have an immediate discernment in what money is and should do: a crowd power facility that facilitates our normal living on Earth and 'money' are just numbers in a spreadsheet and costs nothing. So now you know if an Money Exchange environment is offering you Existence Money or not. 
We people are the economical value and the existence economy is already here, was here always, and will be here in the future: there is no economical crisis.

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