dinsdag 4 augustus 2015

The Art of 'War'

Someone was saying @unless something were to happen to someone i know personally...
Right... Most humans think and feel like that. And this CAUSES and CONTINUES the situation we are in.


When only ONE living being is suffering because of a sick corrupted system that is ONE to many. This is Real Love in action. All other stuff is about the i and the 'pain' the i experience in their own life with their own 'small' problems.

Do we humans still do not see the bigger picture?
Someone was saying: @I would gladly sacrifice a few million human lives on this planet to save a single creature that happens to be a member of a species hunted to dwindling numbers.

Well the truth is... Humanity IS the specie hunted to dwindling numbers. Cann't you see?

And listen well... I am not excluding plant life and animal life from the 'we'. I am not perceiving this world from duality. I include ALL... so also plant life and animal life and ALL living beings.

I perceive this world from Unity where ALL is equal. And I want ALL suffering to stop. Now!

Well, do I have a plan?
I know the whole world is waiting for a plan. I am not.

I simply stand for the freedom of ALL living beings.

I am a feminine warrior because I live from the feminine principle. Life is perfectly capable to live itself without any interference. So stop interfering life flowing in its own context.

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