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Zero Point Existence (Economy / Money) (in Dutch)

Existence Economy
Existence Money

This is The Real Zero Point
Leadership in the Transition from the Real (so no abstract) Zero Point
The deepest Healing Level on Earth is IN our Living Togetherness.

Oh so many will perceive this picture as 'handling about money', but when you have read into our work you know this is all about our FREE 'living togetherness'. The Transition is not ABOUT money but goes VIA money.

Life flowing... its SO simple but still in a suppressed state, because our body is not freed from the matrix.

Life Impulses
- our monthly Existence Money as ONLY money creation moment;
- immediate stop of evictions;
- immediate stop creating money on behalf of mortgages and 'loans';
- 1ton money creation for all Humanity as rectification of the past.

So a life impulse is: creating 1ton for all humanity from which mortgages and 'loans' must flow back to the bank and people without a mortgage/'loan' have a ton. Remember this mortgage/'loan' is money created out of nothing: the 'rich' could create this money for themselves, the 'poor' could not. This inequity and equality must dissolve , this distance 'rich' people took on the 'poor' ones must dissolve, because we are all equal perceived from Unity.

Living Togetherness
When you have not read into our work yet it could be you do not comprehend what I mean by living togetherness and perceive this as living in a community, but its not like that.

Living togetherness is simply being on Earth with 7bilj people and no interference in any kind with your fellow man: no taxation, no legal laws and rules (which are totally unlawful), no governments as we know them (but governance), no banks as we know them, no welfare shit and so on and so on...

And the most important one: NO MORE STORIES ABOUT EACH OTHER, no duality stories, no divide and rule, and so on...

What we do NOT do anymore

- go to the bank for a mortgage, because we know now that a mortgage is created money out of nothing ONLY for the ones who are already well. Those who have less to nothing can not go to the bank for a mortgage. We do not cause this division anymore;
- go to the bank for a 'loan', which are not loans but created money out of nothing. See for further explanation above;
- work in the corporations and current burdening structures;
- send bills which include BTW, Earth doesn't send bills;
- use contracts;
- forwarding stuff through (social) media coming from the 'old' paradigm;
- referring to things outside ourselves, we refer to ourselves (i.e. we know that we are the counter value of 'money'numbers, nothing outside us is: so we refer to ourselves);

Grow in your discernment
All kind of organizations like Swiss Indo try to encapsulate our information. Do not get fooled and manipulated again. Read into our work to grow in your discernment.

In depth awareness via website, blogs, and video's, the New Earth Life Academy.

Life flowing but She is still suppressed

Looking for New Currency's?

So this is the overview
The state the world is in still perceived from the 'new paradigm' (the images are in Dutch).

You will comprehend the images when you have read the e-book 'Als de regering ineens oplost' (available in Dutch).

This images says above the line:
Media, both the old as the so called new
Structures; tax department; healthcare; banks
Education: consultants, coaches
Charging *1000
This are the faults in the 'old paradigm'
Below the line in the middle:
One programmingrule + transparent money'creation'
Access to Life and Healthcare; Existence Economy which is already
here 17milj people in the Netherlands
Below the line:
Fears: robotics! Fear for the rich: 2008

This image says:
On the left above: black shit in the physical world
On the left below: black shit in the inner world

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