donderdag 6 augustus 2015

Start with the Youngsters

Start with the Next Generations, the youngsters: let's say (14)16-26
Provide them free schooling (free choice where to school themselves, could also be at home), free healthcare (free choice where to go for their healthcare), a monthly amount to get their basic needs met

No politics and govts as we know them
And be aware: we do not need politics for this, we need ourselves for this. We are perfectly capable to govern ourselves.

Be aware this image is a political statement they use 'Bernie Sanders for President 2016' in Denmark.

I am not using this statement as a political statement, since I know we do not need governments as we know them. Replacing one from the other will not transform anything because the system will be still the same. The only reason one can become a politician is playing the political game. And the 'higher' up you want as a politician the more you have to fit in otherwise you do not get that position. Not sure about Denmark though. People from Denmark are saying its all the same in Denmark and Iceland is a distraction as well: nothing transformed in Iceland... grow in your discernment. Nothing transformed in the Northern Countries.

In the Netherlands they are talking about a 'basic income' since decades. Now they are talking about chipping people because that's convenient to track them. Oh yeah I see it coming that chipping will be the condition to become the 'unconditional basic income' (which is all bullshit nevertheless because its all about taxation and redistribution 'old' money and 'basic income' can transform into Existence Money immediately: costs nothing).

'Govts' should facilitate our living together on Earth, not control it (but they still refuse to facilitate our living together, they refuse to grow up: this is called suppression). And I feel a new religion coming (its already here) but this religion is also false. 

Most (business model) solutions which are created are still IN the corrupt system.

Imagine the world... the whole world...
Within this world a group of humans is becoming more aware of the huge corruption.

The analyzing is done... that's totally done... we are already moved beyond the analyzing... so the group of humans who are becoming more aware of the corruption / the matrix / overlay's / co-option is growing WITHIN the image of the whole world.

So imagine the whole world as a circle... within this circle another circle is becoming and is growing... but is still WITHIN the corrupted world: there is NO transition IN this group. When we talk about the current financial system LETS is an example of a solution within the 'old', within the current financial system. Also 'free energy devices' are a solution within the 'old' because huge amount of 'old' money flows to a project... but it should flow to peoples Free Existence and FREEDOM from the financial tyranny (humans ARE Free Energy ALREADY: from TRUE FREEDOM 'new' technologies comes into existence: HUMANS FIRST, not projects!

Now imagine the whole corrupted world and the group awakened ones WITHIN this world... and a totally new circle without the corruptions, the banks, the government, taxation, ruling over, powering over, steering, pyramid structures, business models as we know them, identification as we know them, boarders as we know them, the overlay's, the co-options, etc.

Few of the awakened ones have 'moved' beyond the corrupted world into this 'new fresh circle' and are consciously co-creating and building a totally 'New Earth' which is already here and is lived already... by very few... so this 'New Earth' is not growing...

The 'movement' to the New Earth IS the transition. But this is not an outer 'movement': this 'movement' is an inner one, you are 'moving' inner.

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  1. Please wake up to the things / false flags that are happening in the world. For example the France events from last November 13th 2015.

    With all my blogs and information I try to make you aware of what is really happening in the world and to awake you to that reality.

    So many events are staged! Like 911 was staged.


    The 'why' is layered
    1) problem, action, solution is one of them: create a problem (so yes the problem is caused from inside! / we call this 'inside job')... and the 'governments' will come with a solution which are more rules to enslave you, more control, more debt, the implications of those solutions are huge
    2) 'energy harvesting': those kind of events create a lot of fear in people and also in children... There are articles out there especially to inform children what's happening in France... these articles do not tell the truth... these articles are here to indoctrinate our children even further
    3) 'governments' create (yes 'inside job') a reason to go into war... they create! terrorists and fear for terrorists
    4) Chaos: 'governments' create chaos and anger among their people... but you know, the truth is that your 'government' is not here to facilitate you but to control you... I know... that's a hard pill to swallow, but it's really time to wake up now friends
    5) 'governments' are trying to pull us into a Revolution. Which they could easily 'turn down' with lots of casualties.

    When we are aware of our internal force power and we know who we are... that we are the power, and we gave them our power... their game is over.

    This is all about an Inner Revolution.

    'Love and light' meme's do not people make awake and aware. It's time for real love, time to awake the 'inner warrior'.


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