Non Banking Facilitation Platform

Non Banking Facilitation Platform New Existence Money

I wish my fellow humans could create their own 'New Existence Money' by which they can create enough money numbers to get their basic needs met including free access to Healthcare.

I wish my fellow humans could pay me with New Currency from their own created 'New Existence Money'.

My offer to my fellow humans
As a midwife of the consciousness and Essence of my fellow human and as a beholder of a Healing Space for deeply (sexually abused) trauma in my fellow human... I long to offer all my (healing) services and sessions for a freely available Means of Exchange.

My own Existence Money
When I receive my euro Existence Money (euro 250,00) I am able to offer all my (healing) services for a free available Means of Exchange.

Existence Money for my fellow human
My fellow human can already work with 'new' currency's: for example via the Community Exchange System. But still they need to pull / attract this 'new' currency to them by investing their life force energy / labor in exchange of the 'New' Currency.

I imagine this from the bottom of my Heart.

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