Is the World Ready - Are YOU?

The Principle of Life - Life flowing in its own context

The whole world is waiting for a plan
The whole world is waiting for a plan, an idea, a remedy that will save the world. This is still the savior program running in people. So maybe, and probably it is, in YOU also.

But the 'answer' is IN you and the answer is a choice: are YOU WILLING to simply live together on Earth and DOING the effort for this or not and do you STAND for this and live this?

People are still looking for solutions, because they are not willing to do the effort themselves... still looking outside... but it is FROM the inside out.  

Truth of life - Life Principle
The truth of life is that our free Existence costs nothing and could be back within one day. But our govts are not facilitating our living togetherness on Earth, they are suppressing us.

So the transition is up to Humanity itself. And it should be like that. Because you can not drag your old indoctrinated psyche into the New Earth, which is the natural world, otherwise there has been no transmutation. So Humanity has to STAND FOR their free Existence.

Adult Consciousness
The New Earth is embedded by humans with an Adult Consciousness. Humans who do long to live together on Earth and DO so: they contribute to the free Existence of their fellow man and they STAND FOR their own free Existence as well. This contribution has nothing to do with funding. Do you understand the difference? Do you feel the difference energetic? You DO contribute because you feel value in a normal natural living togetherness. This is not a theory, no you live this. When you do not live this, yes for your phyche this is a theory. But it is not. It's a choice, because you DO care for normal natural living togetherness. You DO care for Mother Earth and all living beings on Her.

Questions like: What draws humanity in? How do the masses begin participating in what you're proposing? What's their motivation in real terms that THEY understand? I can not make the world to contribute to peoples free existence and that's not my job either. This Platform does not make the world to do something, anything. This Platform is not a short cut solution.

I continue to make the discernment clear. Its up to Humanity, to YOU, to each individual to make the choice and DOing the effort. I made my choice years ago already including the effort. I DO contribute to the free existence of my fellow man. (Capital letters and the word DO are not here because I am screaming at you but making clear it's all about a choice, your choice.)

Are YOU ready?
Let me make myself very clear again: I do NOT see the world is ready for this choice NOW. Yes I see some little movements. But also withdrawals and stepping backs as a re-action from the old indoctrinated psyche.

That's why I am saying the world is showing her suppression still today, the world is still offering their fellow man. In my facebook group 'We ARE the New Earth' someone was asking 'that there is no prove that Humanity is ready' in response to a fellow man who posted his observation that Humanity is ready but that there is no prove of it Humanity is at this point. This is untrue, because the moment Humanity is ready I do see the change in our living togetherness and I am not perceiving that. So NO in the NOW Humanity is NOT ready.

What about YOU

Investing your money

I need to make the discernment clear for you because there is an immense chance you receive and perceive my words from your indoctrinated matrix psyche and I am coming from my free Spirit addressing to your free Spirit. So I invite you to be aware of your re-action patterns and programs from the indoctrinated matrix psyche.

Contributing to the free Existence of your fellow man. A direct valuing your living togetherness with your fellow man: the journalist, the media (wo)man, the writer, the publisher of books, the starving child, the war victim, the refugee, your child, the next generation, your neighbor, your mother, your father.

People's indoctrinated matrix psyche is feeling hurt by even thinking of contributing to the free Existence of their fellow man. Not being aware of the immense joy by simply living together on Earth directly without interference of anyone.

Funding in response to a fundraising program or campaign (being it a 'good' trustworthy one or a 'bad' one: there is no judging in this discernment). For example the fundraising program of Sacha Stone ITNJ. They are asking ánd collecting huge amounts of money for their projects. All this money could be transferred directly to the free Existence of their fellow man (there is a huge availability of money) from which 'justice' will transform 'by itself' into Natural Law (and I am not judging Sacha Stone here being a 'bad' guy, though I feel he is working with the shadow government... like Heather (OPPT) was/is... and many others are but we are not aware (yet) about that). Another example is a campaign on behalf of war victims or raising funds for 'victims' of cancer or other 'diseases' (which are totally misunderstood). Or raising funds for poor children. Or organizing all kind of campaigns to raise funds for sick children via school programs, 'runs', and all kind of other campaigns. All these organizations are hierarchical: one (or some more) people are in charge, canalizing the money to a central point / banking account/ PayPal account / post address and redistributing it according to their ideas, which are most of the time not openly transparent shown. The central point, the director(s), the administrator(s) are in control, in charge.

This goes also for all (Health Care) insurances. 

(Healthcare) Insurances including raising funds for whatever what purpose is one of the highest levels of 'money making schemes'.

So NO NEED for 'go betweens', 'agents', insurance corporations, banks as we know them, funds, etc.

We do NOT NEED them on all levels of our togetherness on Earth: nor in religions, governments, legal rules (which are totally unlawful) , etc.

Many people feel they are DOing goooooood because they are involved with the fundraising program / organization: those kind of programs and organization do collect huge amounts of money. Mostly the speaker is a charismatic leader (m/v). They are appealing to your feelings of hope: but this hope is from the outside and is not real hope at all.

Crowd Suing
Crowd Suing is something totally different then fundraising programs / organizations. Crowd Suing is a co-creation within a crowd: for example victims of (satanic) sexual child abuse, their families, friends, and (direct) surroundings  as a CROWD can start a trial against the State because it is the State including the legal court system that allowed this abuse on a huge scale.

Furthermore when you like to co-create a foundation (for example on behalf of the welfare of those victims and their families / but it can be any kind of foundation like NOVIB for example) and your organization is receiving benefits from the State you can use those benefits in a totally new social structure from essence... including offering Existence Money on behalf of the victims... and when there is enough including Health Care money (access to Health Care) as well.

I invite you to grow in your discernment.

Imagine the whole world as a circle... within this circle another circle is becoming and is growing... but is still WITHIN the corrupted world: there is NO transition IN this group. When we talk about the current financial system LETS is an example of a solution within the 'old', within the current financial system. Also 'free energy devices' are a solution within the 'old' because huge amount of 'old' money flows via funding to a project... but it should flow to peoples Free Existence and FREEDOM from the financial tyranny (humans ARE Free Energy ALREADY: from TRUE FREEDOM 'new' technologies comes into existence: HUMANS FIRST and start with the YOUNGSTERS (14)16-26, not projects!

Exchanging money as in paying the baker for baking the bread, the writer for writing the book, paying the painter, paying for a massage, a workshop, etc. So here you are exchanging energy (yes money is energy also and 'should' be backed up by yourself: you yourself are the counter value of money numbers / Existence Money).

Existence Money was partly understood by Credit Exchange: they were close but not cigar. The founder(s) of Credit Exchange have withdraw the Credit Exchange Platform from the internet without any explanation: people have not heard from them since months.

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