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In 2018/9 the next generation is standing in our midst

In 2018/9 we apply the foundation we have layed in 2017. We are aware now of the consciousness from I-in-We and we know now how to Be an embedder for the Collective Healing on Earth.

Via the LifeCircle we apply existence money.

Wat zou er gebeuren als er GEEN regering zou zijn?
Het boek 'Als de regering ineens oplost', is begin 2017 uitgegeven door Uitgever Boekscout. Het hardcopy boek was tot 10 november 2019 via de Boekscout webwinkel te bestellen.

Boek 'Als de regering ineens oplost' als e-boek in pdf-vorm
Sinds 11 november 2019 is het boek 'Als de regering ineens oplost' als e-boek in pdf-vorm vrijelijk beschikbaar.

Supporting websites for further deepening
Samenleefpioniers (Nederlands)
Bestaansgeld en haar transmuterende betekenis (Nederlands)
Existence Money and her transmuting meaning (English)

We Are the New Earth (English)
We Accept the Child's Existence (Money) (English)
De nieuwe aarde leven (both Dutch and English)

Conscious Living on our Mother Earth
Living in Abundance

What happened worldwide and is happening still to break down the social fabric / social engineering
The divide and rule game, creating fear and hate for your fellow man. Become aware of this. Learn the truth and 'reclaim' your protection IN yourSelf and living together with your fellow man. You do not have reason to fear your fellow man unless h/she is haunting you with a gun.


The moment you see through the program, the power of that program working in you is gone!

Remove the programs. All programs!

'New Earth Life Academy from the New Paradigm

Aanbod VANUIT 'het Levensparadigma'
Het Bewuste Pad - New Earth Leven Laten Leven
Het Gekruide Pad Weten Wat We Eten

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